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  • stellar reports
  • stellar-bubble-sheet

    Answers are entered in a bubble-sheet-like interface, which responds to the keyboard as well as to mouse clicks.

  • stellar-report

    This is just a portion of an example report. Bar charts are created using the Flot JavaScript library.

Stellar Scores

Stacey, the tutor behind Stellar Scores, had developed a great set of reports for students looking to improve their scores on the SAT, which helped her students figure out exactly which types of questions they consistently got wrong and should therefore be studying & practicing the most. But she quickly outgrew the original implementation of her reporting system in Microsoft Excel.

I created a plug-in that makes her SAT reporting system part of her existing WordPress site, so that she can easily generate reports online, or point her students to the website to enter their own answers and generate their own reports; and she’s able to sell access to the reports individually or in packages using MemberMouse.

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