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    Some forms use fairly complex validation rules, including checking that children’s birthdates fit within a range specified separately per program.

Grace Church School

I wrote the theme for this WordPress site from scratch. I started with a Photoshop document from the designer, created static HTML and CSS pages duplicating that content, and then created a WordPress theme based on that markup.

I’m particularly pleased with the way the logo and red crayon line overlap with the photos in the headers. Just a few years ago, this could only have been accomplished by including the crayon line in each of the jpeg images, but here the images are separate, and any image can be used in the header slideshow without breaking the design.

The theme is also set up to allow the creation of forms which parents may use to apply for a tour of the school. The information from these forms is sent to staff email addresses for the appropriate preschool program, based on the ages of the applicant’s children.

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